Karon grew up with a full 64 box of Crayola crayons, but never satisfied, studied almost every art form she could get her hands on.  Kind of a loner and not much of a joiner, she found that art classes not only fueled her passion, but kept her out of trouble in her youth.  No matter where or how she lived throughout her adult life, she found a time and a place for art making.  She grew up in Ann Arbor and then split her time between the California Bay area and Michigan.  She eventually landed in Southern Arizona where the wide open spaces, mountains and desert beauty inspire her work.

She has studied art at California College of Arts & Crafts, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the Kirkland Art Center as well as with numerous professional artists, (Paula Roland, Ron Pokrasso, Robert Burridge).  A “get a real job” detour resulted in a degree in Computer Science and then raising a family of 3 awesome sons.  Art and computers combined later for certification in Multi Media Website Design which means now, that she can not only make her art, but handle the demands of contemporary marketing requirements of today’s professional artists.  If asked why she makes art, the definitive answer is always, “because I have to.” 
Currently, while also in a graduate program for Integrated Marketing Communications, Karon has developed her own business, Concepts Marketing & Design, LLC,  providing marketing, graphic and website design to businesses and individuals in Southern Arizona.