Intuitive Painting

"Figure 8," Franz Kline, 1952

“Figure 8,” Franz Kline, 1952

We are all creative beings. As a child we played and created without self-criticism or judgment. As we grew we were told what we should do and how we should behave. Drawing and mark making are inherent human behaviors in our need for self-expression. Art making is about the process, not the product.Whether you are currently making art, have lost touch with your art making or have longed to make art but never knew how, this workshop opens the door to the intuitive art making process within all of us, without judgment or conditions of right or wrong, good or bad.
In a safe and encouraging environment, we will explore the elements of mark making; line, shape, texture, and through drawing and painting techniques and exercises you’ll discover the artist within.

One day workshop: 10am – 4:30pm with ½ hour lunch break. $125. All supplies included.

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Class size minimum is 2 students. Class size maximum is 4 students. Private instruction is available by arrangement with instructor.